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✓ Read ñ The Seance by Heather Graham È The heroine started seeing the ghost of a cop who was accused of being a serial killer 12 years ago But now new victims are killed with the same MO So is it a copycat or is the ghost s claim of innocence the truth She needs to find the truth especially since she bears an uncanny resemblance to the other victims.
Another good suspense, this time based in Orlando, around Halloween to provide just that added touch of costume weirdness.
The Seance Heather Graham Paranormal Suspense Christina Hardy just moved into her grandmothers house after her passing Her friends decide she needs a housewarming party At this party they decide to have a seance, dragging out an aged Ouija board.
They summon up the spirit of Beau Kidd, the lead detective on a murder case over a decade old Beau was found at the scene of the crime, near the victim and shot dead by his partner some say his spirit never rested Beau s sister Katherine, then a child never believed he was guilty She is determined to prove her brothers innocence.
Christine, who is in doubt of her ability to make contact with the dead, soon starts to see Beau Not sure if this is real or a dream, she starts to believe Beau is innocent.
Page turning suspense, with humor, romance, and paranormal activity, I found this to be a fun read.

Right off the bat, I d admit I was intrigued by the talking to the dead aspect of things, this was my first book like thatbut the book just had a dryness to it that I couldn t overcome.
The characters were under developed Jed came and went as an enigma Even Christina had no true depth or substance, besides being a tall, beautiful red head I couldn t tell you how many times that was written I think I liked the ghost the most and was truly sad to see him go Next I liked the dog He showedpersonality than the lot The romance wasn t developed Yeah it went under the heading of having had a crush forever etc.
but Jed sorta came off as a lil sick.
because all of a sudden he is INTO herno, hey she is a mature lady and wow my feelings evolved It came overas the old teen who was secretly lusting the 12 year old, despite her gangly limbs And one time at the Personal Response My response to this book is that it was pretty good It had some confusing points, but overall it was okay I am reading some of her other books that she has written Plot Summary This girl named Christina has the ability to see ghosts, and she has been able to talk to them for her whole life There was a recent killing, and the police said that it was a copycat killer to the horrific events of a killing that had happened twelve years earlier When Christina moves into her grandmother s old home she finds an old ouija board Her close family members and the friends that she had over to help her move her stuff ask if they can use the board She reluctantly tells them yes, and they all sit down to begin As they are using it, Christina feels that there is a ghost there in the room with them Except that she is the only one that Picture this A book where the main character has to communicate with the ghost of the murderer Sound great right Full of promise All you ll get out of this book is the main two characters constantly asking eachother Are you okay and occasionaly making out in the hallway This book would be two stars if didn t show such potential, I loved the concept and the main character for the first thirty pages I even liked the plot twist at the end.
Unfortunately, nothing ever came out of this as the main characters became two flat pieces of paper falling in love The story slowly gets sidetracked by the these lovebirds attending festivals and having witty conversations about commercial jingles The ghost contributes nothing to the story at all And having a book that gets so close and then falls s 4.
5 starsThe Seance was one of those books that I just could not put down Addictive, fast paced, thrilling, and thoroughly fun, it had everything I wanted to read mystery suspense, romance, paranormal and reminded me of R.
L Stine for adults Of course it s not serious fiction, who wants that when picking up a book that looks like this It s fun brain candy, plain and simple, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that I haven t had an easy time finding books to read because my concentration level has taken a nosedive, but this book had me hooked from the back synopsis and kept me hooked throughout Yes, there are some editing issues, coincidences, red heads seem to be the main populace, redundancies e.
g victims are attractive red heads, beautiful red heads, gorgeous red heads, and did I mention Christina s a beautiful, attractive, gorgeous red head also Argh, it was annoying This is my first Heather Graham novel, and I wish I could say I wasimpressed The book was boring, quite frankly, and predictable and, at times, awfully annoying How many times can the characters ask each other are you all right or are you okay Seemed to happen every other page Enough already The mystery is standard fare, with the characters hanging around and not doing much to solve it, except for one, and at the end, they essentially luck into identifying the murderer by hypnosis The ghost gives this is a horror sheen, but it s really just a light little mystery that isn t very mysterious, with a romance that hassex than actual romance Bleh I m glad I didn t spend any money on it and can take it back to the library.
Another disappointing Heather Graham The characters are awful, constantly overacting and acting ridiculous The main romance came out of nowhere, even though it was I knew from the back of the book who was going to get together None of the emotions were believable, everything was told, not shown, nothing was logical, even considering the fact that we were dealing with ghosts I won t read anyof her books.
A Chill Falls Over Christina Hardy S Housewarming Party When Talk Turns To A Recent Murder That Has All The Hallmarks Of The So Called Interstate Killer Murders From Fifteen Years Before To Lighten The Mood, The Guests Drag Out An Old Ouija Board For A Little Spooky Fun And That S When Things Become Truly TerrifyingSummoned By The Ouija Board, The Restless Spirit Of Beau Kidd, The Lead Detective And Chief Suspect On The original Case, Seeks Christina S Help The Latest Killing Isn T A Copycat Crime, And He Wants His Name Cleared Back In The Real World, Cop Turned Writer Jed Braden Is Skeptical Of Christina S Ghostly Encounters, But His Police Sources Confirm All The Intimate Details Of The Case Her Otherworldly Source Is Reliable, And The Body Count Is Growing The Spirits Are Right The Interstate Killer Is Still Out There, And Christina S Life Is Hanging In The Balance Between This World And The Next Stars 3 5Recommendation A neat blend of history and paranormal folded with romance and murder is what we see with this plotThe S ance is the fifth book in the Harrison Investigation Series by the paranormal author Heather Graham published in October of 2007 The primary plot revolves around Christina Hardy who had inherited her grandparents home in Florida and Jedidiah Jed Braden a cop turned best selling author turned PI.
Long before her Krewe of Hunters series My review of the books I have read in that series so far are here , she had her Harrison Investigation Series headed by Adam Harrison She credits him for starting the FBI special division called the Krewe of Hunters While I was reading those books I was curious to read about Adam Harrison and books that came under his series And so the book review continue in this seri

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