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Download Epub Format ¸ Haunted PDF by É Heather Graham I didn t mean to read this book so quickly, but I kept coming back to it So it s gets a 4 from me I wasn t even tempted to skip to the end and cut it short.
Haunted is part of a loosely connected series of books, all involving the Harrison Investigations series Ghostbuster I ve listened to several All have had suspense, romance, ghosts, and real flesh and blood killers The suspense in Haunted was good, although I had a pretty good outline of the rest of the book in my head by the middle Still, the author did a good job of getting where she was going.
The romance does include sex if that is a deal maker or breaker for you I can picture the villain being played in a movie by one of those really terrific actors that can look totally normal until the moment when they aren t, and then the do a really great creepy.
I really love Heather Graham She does great romantic chemistry with a ghost story thrown in The characters are fun and the location really becomes a character in its own right Many of her stories are set in New Orleans, but this first volume in the Harrison Investigation series is set in Virginia This one sets up a plot twist which is a red herring, and then throws in a second one for the finish One thing I like that it starts out paranormal, but there is an actual mystery suspense story there too.
Two and a half stars I gave it three stars because I finished it and wasn t tempted not to Having said that, I wanted a paranormal story This is not It s romance And not even terribly believable romance Matt is surly and insulting to Darcy And the conflict that is supposed to leave you wondering if they ll get together is because he doesn t believe in ghosts, so she gives him the willies Didn t work for me I really would have liked muchtime to be spent on the paranormal aspects of the story.
As for the writing, I would fire the editor This came from a publishing house Why does everyone complain ad nauseum about self published writers that have a few typos or whatever in their works, but nobody says boo about this This book had two of the longest, most horrific sentences I ve ever seen strung together, and a lot of the dialog didn t flow as well as it could hav Heather Graham can be a hit or miss for me, but this was a good solid read for me She writes what I want to read about Love ghost stories mixed up with romance Matt, a true non believer of ghost But when his family historical 1700 s era home starts having guest attacked by what people are claiming ghosts, he feel he need to call Harrison Investigations for help Adam Harrison runs a paranormal investigation firm, he also used to be friends with Matt s grandfather So Adam, who can t get away from what he is working on sends Darcy instead Thus begins the tempestuous relationship of Matt and Darcy, the non believer and the medium ghost hunter It was a good read with scary ghost and things that go bump in the night But in the end of course, it is someone not of this earthy realm or very much someone in the mood I enjoyed the first half of this book so much, but then Darcy s relationship with Matt kind of made me want to stop reading a few times I feel like it was too fairy tale esque They only knew each other for a few weeks before they started thinking about how they might not be able to live without each other Honestly, relationships like that make me sick and make me believe that it will never work out They actedlike a high school couple than a pair of grown adults with rational mindsets I was also put off by how all the guys seemed to drool over Darcy It was annoying to read about how every male was trying to get with her at some point A strong main character should have relatable qualities, and I just find it quite difficult to believe that every person who reads this book to be able to relate to Darcy She feltlike the

RitoRita2 RitaGrahamMeh La verdad es que me esperaba much simo m s del libro La sinopsis ten a buena pinta, y los primeros cap tulos me mantuvieron bastante entretenida Pero incluso antes de llegar a la mitad, la historia se estanca en un pozo de arenas movedizas y no sale de ah hasta el final.
Los personajes me parecieron chatos y muy repetitivos en sus acciones y discursos sobretodo el protagonista, que me result un arisco malhumorado que se niega rotundamente a aceptar lo que est frente a sus ojos El grupete de personajes secundarios hicieron la historia un poco m s llevadera y agradable, pero tambi n comienzan a cansar un poco a medida que se va desarrollando el final.
El misterio de los asesinatos se ve a venir de lejos y, si bien la trama de los fantasmas s estuvo un poco m s interesante, termina por q As I put down the recent Idiot s Guide to writing a Horror Story , I have to wonder where have all the dysfunctional, psychotic, and downright creepy writers gone Was there a mass relocation I missed Have they gone into hiding or been taken down by a group of angry soccer moms Or has it simply been turned into giving the people what you think they want and no longer infusing your own nightmares into it I m looking at you Mr D Ammassa The book started out so good, with a plot that was both chilling and curious, only to switch toromance than horror With a story remade countless times, Ms Graham had the opportunity to make it her own, and instead chose the path that has been well traveled The atmosphere is hazy with a dark overcast, neither good or bad, it worked for this book The pace in the story is level with t Overall I enjoyed this book I enjoy Ms Graham s thrillers and paranormal books, but I am not a fan of romance novels and this book reminded me why because she stuck right to the formula when playing the romance Why oh WHY does a guy who is normally perfectly nice turn into an obnoxious jerk when he meets the woman to whom he is attracted And WHY does a woman who is normally fairly self assured start questioning her every move and motivation And WHY WHY WHY do they need to spend practically every encounter at each others throats and then suddenly at the end of the book it is happily ever after It drives me mad I am absolutely certain there are other ways of creating dynamic tension mainly because I HAVE read other paranomal romance thrillers that utilize them But the other characters are very well written, the mystery is tight and I regret to say that this is not a good book I would even dare to say that this is one of the worst books from Heather Graham I have read And I quite enjoyed some of her other books Unfortunately, this one is extensively poorly executed The whole idea is not that bad The Haunted house mixed with some modern crimes may not be the most refreshing idea, especially if you read a book or two by Heather Graham, but it could work Unfortunately, the plot is weak, undeveloped and unimaginative Though, I have to admit that the whole atmosphere of gore is pretty suggestive and I was a bit spooked while reading at night from time to time But the atmosphere alone is not enough to rescue this novel.
What ultimately plunges this book are the badly executed chara Love Is EverywhereWhen Does A Gift Become A Curse Matt Stone Doesn T Believe In Ghosts But There Are Those Who Are Convinced His Home, A Historic Virginia Estate That Dates Back To The Revolutionary War, Is Haunted Pressured To Get At The Truth About Some Strange Happenings At Melody House, He Agrees To Let Harrison Investigations Explore The House But He Isn T Ready For Beautiful, Intriguing Darcy TremayneAs A Paranormal Investigator, Darcy Has Learned To Believe In The Unbelievable And She S Given Matt Fair Warning Sometimes People Don T Like The Skeletons She Finds She Never Dreamed That The Warning Would Apply To Herself For She S About To Discover That Melody House Holds Much Than A Simple Mystery Form The Distant Past What It Holds Is A Very Real And Lethal Danger, One That Will Cast Her Into A Struggle Against The Worlds Of Both The Living And The Dead

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