Download Epub Format ↠´ Ghost Moon (Bone Island Trilogy, #3) PDF by Ü Heather Graham

Download Epub Format ↠´ Ghost Moon (Bone Island Trilogy, #3) PDF by Ü Heather Graham Heather Graham writes books that are down right spooky I keep telling myself I really don t have to read them HOWEVER, I am always there, ready to read what she s written.
Cutter Merlin hadn t been seen for several weeks, so local cop Liam goes to see about him He finds the old man dead, and has benn for several weeks The local coroner tells Liam the old man had the same look on his face that the deceased s daughter had when SHE died, that of being frightened to death Now Liam has to notify Kelsey, Cutter s granddaughter, who left Key West days after her mother s funeral.
Kelsey returns, and it appears that something malevolent is in the house as she searches for Cutter s message to her And, there is.
Like I said, Graham s books A little bit on this book and as the series as a whole Yeah, I m really not seeing the need to make this into a trilogy at all It s essentially the same book written three times to milk it for all it s worth, which isn t a lot The first book was alright Kinda fun, kind of dragging, David and Katie fall in love and build on a rather unexciting relationship while there re murder mysteries to be solved Oh, and there s a ghost sidekick Book 2, change David and Katie s names to Sean and Vanessa, then to Liam and Kelsey for the third, and that s about it Feels like a bunch of carbon copies The three couples and their relationships really aren t terribly distinguishable from one another I know this probably isn t the best complaint to make about a romance series, but making sure that every single penis finds his vagina with nobody but the unimportant minor characters to be gasp left alone Reclusive Collector Cutter Merlin Is Seldom Seen In Key West Lately, Not At All Officer Liam Beckett Visits Merlin S Curious House And Discovers The Gentleman In His Study In His Death Grip A Volume Of Occult Lore And A Reliquary His Eyes Are Wide With Fright, His Mouth A Horrified Rictus Where Spiders Now Dwell Kelsey Donovan Returns To The Old House To Catalog Her Estranged Grandfather S Collection Of Artifacts And Antiquities, Vowing To See His Treasures Divested Properly But She Cannot Ignore The Sense That She S Being Watched, The Reports Of Malevolent Black Figures, The Pervasive Smell Of Death Is The Merlin House Haunted, Even Cursed Liam Knows Well That Some Ghost Stories Are True And He Swears To Protect Kelsey But There Are Forces At Work For Whom One Life Is A Pittance To Pay For Their Deepest Desire This one wasn t quite as creepy as the first two in the series Things took aserious tone here, delving into Satanic rituals and whatnot Although this one wasn t as creepy, I think I liked the romance between Liam and Kelsey best of the three It was just too sweet, and made my sappy heart happy Great series, especially for audio excerpt from my blog post First of all, I have been posting how close to certain that I was that I had flushed out the killer early on Boy was I ever wrong I had not predicted that the truly guilty party actually had any part in it whatsoever I was pleased to find that Graham had thoroughly steered me wrong with all her clues and insight I guarantee I went exactly where she wanted her readers to go.
The book is a nail biter, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat, always waiting for the other shoe to drop The ending will have you second guessing all your sleuthing skills By this third book, many of the characters are beloved friends When these friends end up on the suspect list, you find yourself muttering say it ain t so and looking for clues that will free them from the list Our beloved Bartholomew makes yet another appearance He is the friendly neighborhood ghost we all wi Heather Graham s novels seem so much like her full of life, vibrant and a good friend So it s no surprise that Ghost Moon lives up to reader expectations of this prolific author While I hadn t read the previous two novels in this trilogy, I had no problem following its thread as Heather deftly weaves the tale bringing readers up to date as they fasten their seatbelts for a ride through the unusual.
Ghost Moon is the 3rd in the Graham s Bone Island Trilogy This novel skillfully combines paranormal and suspense with romantic elements when it places Kelsey Donovan back in Key West to help bury then settle her grandfather Cutter Merlin s estate Something of a Key West legend, Cutter was an avid if eccentric, collector of precious historical artifacts whose daughter and family lived with them until her tragic deat This is a review of the entire Bone Island Trilogy I promised myself noHeather Graham after last year s ultra disappointing Flynn Brothers trilogy But I caved, yet again As always, the premise of the book sucked me in I had no expectations and thought this might be something light to read while recovering from an illness I was actually pleasantly surprised Ghost Shadow is genuinely creepy, even if the killer is somewhat obvious The second book in the trilogy, Ghost Night is the weakest of the three, much less creepy and not as campy and fun The last in the trilogy, Ghost Moon is a fun read, with some scary moments There s definitely something to be said for light reading, and Heather Graham fits decidedly into that category However, I must say I did learn some things about the ghostly legends of Key West Which

This book, part of Heather Graham s Bone Island trilogy, is a real pleasure to read Easy going, yet filled with suspense and history.
Set in Key West and dealing with the history of the island The story is amazing in such a gentle way and easy way The reclusive old gentleman who has lived on the Island his entire life has not been seen around town in quite awhile This draws the attention of Liam Beckett, the town sheriff When he goes to see the old man Cutter Merlin he finds Cutter dead at his library desk gripping a volume of occult lore and a reliquary with a look of complete surprise and horror on his face and spiders climbing around a web in his mouth It s a mystery needing solving and so the O Haras and Beckettes join together once again to bring a conclusion to the mystery Easier said than done.
Ms Graham again doesn t disappoint There is history, mystery, supernatural happe Wow I bought this book at the airport, and my first impression prompted me to look up the author information to figure out how this person ever got published Author ofthan a hundred novels Yikes To be honest, I never finished the book I found it unreadable There may be an interesting story in there somewhere, judging by the praise other reviews here have heaped on the thing, but I couldn t find it All I found was a painfully juvenile writing style, lacking in sophistication and any attempt at literary finesse, for example Once the reservation was made, she found herself thinking about her father He d been a good man He d loved her mother so much, and her, too And he d even loved Cutter Merlin, she thought The book re I liked this one a littlethan the 2nd I still figured out a lot of it half way through I thought the ending was too rushed I can t figure out why Bartholomew only got a half of a page at the end He was my favorite part of all 3 books.

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