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[Heather Graham] È Ghost Night [paranormal-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download å Heather Graham is my all time favorite author I love the Krewe of Hunters series mostly for the paranormal investigations Just fabulous 3.
5 A Slasher Movie Turns Real When Two Young Actors Are Brutally Murdered On A Remote Island Film Set Their Severed Heads And Arms Are Posed In Macabre Homage To A Nineteenth Century Pirate MassacreTwo Years Later, Survivor Vanessa Loren Is Drawn Back To South Bimini By A Documentary Being Made About The Storied Region Filmmaker Sean O Hara Aches To See How The Unsolved Crime Haunts Her And Sean Knows Than A Little About GhostsLured By Visions Of A Spectral Figurehead, Vanessa Discovers Authentic Pirate Treasures That Only Deepen The Mystery Are The Murders The Work Of Modern Day Marauders, The Bermuda Triangle Or A Deadly Paranormal Echo Of The Island S Violent History As Vanessa And Sean Grow Closer, The Killer Prepares To Resume The Slaughter Unless The Dead Can Intervene I really didn t like this book nearly as much as I did the first in the Bone Island Trilogy, Ghost Shadow I think it s because I didn t like the characters Sean was annoying and I didn t care for anyone in Vanessa s crew It was bizarre to me how excited they were to be going back to the island where their friends were killed on minute and then sad and scared the next This one was also a little too supernatural for me The writing seemed off compared to the last one I guess I just didn t really care for it at all Miniseries Plus de fant mes, une histoire faite de myst re Une lecture parfaite pour une journ e f ri e I like the way Heather Graham mixes mystery, suspense,and romance Her characters seem a bit bland, however, and some of her scenarios are a little far fetched Every once in a while I ll feel myself yanked out of the story pop and be like, Really Ghost Night is the continuation of the short story Ghost Memories and Katie David s story in Ghost Shadow This installment is about Katie s brother Sean and film script writer and diver Vanessa A brutal slaying at a movie filming causes repercussions years later when events begin to repeat themselvesTo be followed by Liam s story Ghost Moon

Another enjoyable installment, spooky without being too scary, but the twist at the end wasn t too surprising.
This book is in the Bone Trilogy and it s the second one a couple of the main characters were in the first book so it was nice to already have some knowledge of the characters this is a mystery ghost genre and the three books are set in Key West, Florida It was a great book with a lot of mystery right up to the end it surprised even me the ending of this book cause I was not expecting the who did it, till the last few pages Great book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a little ghost with your mystery.
This is a review of the entire Bone Island Trilogy I promised myself noHeather Graham after last year s ultra disappointing Flynn Brothers trilogy But I caved, yet again As always, the premise of the book sucked me in I had no expectations and thought this might be something light to read while recovering from an illness I was actually pleasantly surprised Ghost Shadow is genuinely creepy, even if the killer is somewhat obvious The second book in the trilogy, Ghost Night is the weakest of the three, much less creepy and not as campy and fun The last in the trilogy, Ghost Moon is a fun read, with some scary moments There s definitely something to be said for light reading, and Heather Graham fits decidedly into that category However, I must say I did learn some things about the ghostly legends of Key West Which proves my theory that we learn something from ever

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