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¶ Read Ò The Killing Edge by Heather Graham Ò This book was filled with names characters that it lost my interest right away I was in the 3rd chapter and chose to close the cover for goodWAY too confusing and hard to follow There was about 25 30 characters within the first two chapters It could be a good book, I just didn t give it a chance Not the kind of book I like to read.
If you look at the my reviews and the books I am usually reading, it is pretty obvious that my favorite Genres are basically anything that is related to the paranormal and fantasy I have been trying to branch out and checking out different genres recently, then I saw this Romantic Thriller and decided to give it a chance.
I don t have much experience with reading thrillers, hence I don t have much to compare this novel to, but I have to say that though i did enjoy reading The Killing Edge, I wasn t thoroughly impressed with it.
Right at the first page we get sucked into the mind of a killer and witness the beginning of a massacre We then are taken to the POV of Chloe and her fight to run from the killers, stay alive and save her friends.
That was a very promising start and it did grab me We then get to see Chloe 10 years after those killings an Chloe Marin Was Lucky She Was Just A Teenager When A Party At A Florida Beachside Mansion Turned Into A Savage Killing Spree, And She Was One Of The Few To Survive Bloody Handwriting On The Walls Pointed To A Cult Whose Rituals Included Human Sacrifice Chloe S Sketch Of One Of The Killers Linked Two Dead Cult Members Found In The Everglades To The Massacre, Closing The Case As Far As The Cops Were ConcernedTen Years Later Chloe Works As A Psychologist Specializing In Art Therapy To Help Traumatized Victims, And On The Side She Finds Release In Her Passion For The Martial Arts Police Who Hire Her As A Consultant Know She S A Literal Kick Ass Advocate For Victims Who Can T Always Speak For ThemselvesThe Current Disappearance Of A Young Swimsuit Model Ranks Low On The Cops Priority List Everyone Assumes The Girl Has Run Off For Some Fun In The Sun, Instead Of Getting Ready For A Photo Shoot Everyone But Chloe, Who Suspects A Killer Is Using The Modeling Agency To Stalk His Prey When The Ghost Of The Model Appears, Asking Chloe For Help, She Knows That She Has To Do Everything She CanSo Does Luke Cane, A British Ex Cop Turned PI Investigating The Disappearance Of The Model On Behalf Of Her Father Chloe And Luke Have Trouble Trusting Each Other, But They Can T Help Their Strong Attraction For One Another Luckily They Agree On The Important Things Someone Needs To Find Those Missing Girls, And If A Few Laws Have To Get Bent So Lives Can Be Saved, Too BadWhen Chloe Arrives Late For An Appointment At The Modeling Agency, She Discovers A Gruesome Mass Murder Eerily Similar To The One She Witnessed A Decade Ago And Can T Help Thinking That If She Hadn T Run Late, She Would Have Been There When The Killer Arrived Ten Years Ago She Hadn T Been Convinced The Police Had Identified The Real Killers, And Now She S Sure Of It The Same Evil Mind Is Behind The Current Murders, And She S Afraid She S The Target And Terrified That She Won T Be Able To Cheat Death A Third Time She Has No Choice Now But To Trust Luke On Every Level, Because With A Killer Closing In, He S The Only One Who S Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Her Alive I dearly love this book It is so very good I can see how the Author came up with the Title of this Book Once you start reading this book you cannot hardly put it down I give this book 5 5 Stars here on Goodreads I highly recommend this book to anybody that loves to read a Really Good Mystery I got the book from my local Library This book kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time you are reading this Happy Reading Stars 3 5Recommendation An intriguing paranormal plot heavily doused on history filled with murder, mystery, romance and ghosts.
The Killing Edge is the tenth and the last book in the Harrison Investigation Series by the paranormal author Heather Graham published in March of 2010 The plot is set in Miami and Key West areas in FL and is centered around Chloe Marin a psychologist with specialization in art therapy and also as a consultant to the police and Luke Cane a British ex cop turned Private Investigator.
Long before her Krewe of Hunters series My review of the books I have read in that series so far are here , she had her Harrison Investigation Series headed by Adam Harrison She credits him for starting the FBI special division called the Krewe of Hunters While I was reading those books I was curious to read about Adam Harrison and books that came und This book was terrible to begin with I set it aside for months , and when I came back well, it hadn t gotten much better All the main characters are heirs heiresses recipients of large insurance settlements but work and are quite humble despite it, of course , well connected, etc the main character knows mma but never practices, and only uses it once her parents were apparently killed in a train explosion, fer chrissakes TRAIN EXPLOSION I don t even have stats for that.
And at one point they dress up in impenetrable disguises colored contacts, eyeliner, wigs, and dowdy dresses they just happened to have lying around , and literally no one recognizes them, or the fact that they re in disguise.
And there s a pup This was a quick read I love Heather Grahams books I like the fact that she always has a touch of the paranormal in them I love when Adam Harrison Investigations is featured, but I wish we hadof them The one thing that I didn t like was that I knew who the killer was half way through the book even though there were a ton of other suspects I m not sure how I figured it out because it wasn t real obvious, but I just knew.
I love this Author but this was not her best work The main storyline was good and I liked the characters but it was the litte things that made it hard to read There was a lot of jumping in what characters were thinking or doing that would cause me to go back several pages to see if I had missed something I hadn t Some of the main names were very similar and at the end the story is tied up in a nice cute bow too quickly Just didn t feel it like I had the others.

I usually thoroughly enjoy Heather Grahams books but this one was a bit flat for me The positives The premise was excellent I loved the slight taste of the paranormal threaded throughout the storyline Unlike others I had a bit of an inkling as to who the baddie was but it was still a good suspense I liked both Chloe and Luke The sex scenes were steamy and frequent.
The negatives For me there was no sexual energy in the romance Everything just meandered along, progressed as per usual, but there was no real tension between the two There was no anticipation of the moment when the hero realises he s in love cos it just didn t happen The whole point of these two were that they suffered trauma in their lives and couldn t deal with commitment and yet it all just happened with no real oomph to the story As I said it la This book was between a 2.
5 and 3 star for me The suspense in this book was pretty good and the killer was a surprise Heather Graham did a great job of hiding the identity of the real killer She does a decent job with creating a good suspense story but her romance does lack a bit in these books The hero and heroine only knew each other for a few days before diving into bed, which isn t bad, it s worked in other books, but for these two it felt forced and totally unromantic I didn t really believe them as a couple Their whole relationship seemed a bit fake It just didn t click with me I ve read other books where the H h fall in love within a few days but they were muchbelievable than this story.
So, Graham gets a 3 for the suspense story and a 2.
5 for th

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