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[ Pdf Ghost Walk ✓ canadian-literature PDF ] by Heather Graham ✓ Ghost Walk was a engaging story and the paranormal vibe was perfect I loved that the story was set in New Orleans and that the main characters were tour guides that focused not only on the history but on the paranormal as well Nikki was an interesting character who s paranormal talent was not one that she embraced, initially The story became muchinteresting when Brent Blackhawk came on the scene because then someone believed Nikki and it started moving the story along As always there was insta love between the two main characters and the story was quite enjoyable.
Decided to leave it unfinished She used the word demanded too much and it was too white for a book set in New Orleans I think I would have liked Nikkiif she wasn t all I m a pristine teetotaler in this boozer town Hey Brent, did you start seeing ghosts after having too much peyote Ugh.
New Orleans Haunted Tour Manager Nikki DuMonde Claims To Have Seen Her Newest Employee Andy In Her Bedroom At The Exact Time Andy Was Apparently Murdered No One Believes Her, Apart From Brent Blackhawk, A Half Irish Half Lakota Paranormal Investigator Who Realizes That Nikki Must Listen To The Dead If She Wants To Keep On Living 3.
5 StarI really like this author s Paranormal books they are always full interesting details, and history that interweave with the mystery The plot is full of twists and turns, and no matter how much I think I have figured out who the baddie s is are I always end up being wrong My only complaint is that the romances always feel so forced I never feel an overwhelming passion between the H h They often feel wooden together I think it s because the mystery story is the focus, and the romance takes a back seat I think these books would be 4 5 star reads for me if a tiny bittime was spent developing the romance aspect.
In any case, I really enjoyed this one Once again I have to say I wish I had found Graham a few years ago when her books first came out I am enjoying these ghost stories Nikki s newest employee has been killed and her ghost comes to Nikki for help but she freaks of course Brent comes into the picture who has seen ghost all of his life to help Nikki and to solve the mystery I made it all the way through this book without a clue of the who and why and I love that The one thing I would complain about Nikki s BFF Julian.
His character is just so uncaring and a type A personality that he was distracting to me and I wanted him to be the bad guy so he would go away That being said I love a book I don t figure out and with a couple I care about I also enjoyed Huey the ghost and the trivia information of New Orleans make me want to visit and take a ghost tour.
I enjoyed this paranormal romantic suspense book by Heather Graham I especially liked the two main characters, Brent Blackhawk and Nikki DuMonde There were enough characters in the book, that the murderer was not instantly obvious Nikki DuMonde is crushed when her friend and fellow employee is found dead She is confused by the fact that she is certain she awoke during the night to see her friend standing by her bed at what she now knows is the exact time of death Soon, it becomes obvious to Nikki that she is now seeing ghosts Brent Blackhawk, a paranormal investigator who is delving into the death of an undercover FBI agent, realizes what Nikki is going through and tries to help her cope Although the police believe her friend died of a drug overdose, Brent agrees with Nikki s assertion that foul play was involved, and he suspects We made a quick trip to New Orleans so I decided to read this book before we left The author s description of the city and the charcaters who live there are exactly what you can expect to find, and was spot on I enjoyed being at the same places where the charcaters roamed, namely the famous cemetaries like LaFayette, as well as following the lives and footsteps of a ghost tour guide The main plot was an interesting murder mystery actual double murder and had some twists The love interest between the two protagonists who both could see ghosts, was easily predictable, but it made a charming love story If you like murder stories with a side romance, no one does it like Heather Graham This was a fun and quick murder lovestory book.

I don t like ghosts.
period If I read about them, I dream about them so that keeps me far away BUTI ve read Heather Graham before so trusted her And was glad I did I had no dreams and the book turned out to be very captivating I enjoyed itbut I still don t like ghosts Rated 4.
2 StarsOut of this 4 book series, Harrison Investigation, this book, Ghost Walk is my favorite.
It s a Paranormal Romantic Suspense and lived up to its title and genre Not a lot of humor, but plenty of ghosts, action romance.
I don t know why they say I ve read this twice as this is my first time reading it That s GR s for ya Harrison Investigation Series 1 Haunted 2003 2 The Presence 2004 3 Ghost Walk 2005 4 The Vision 2006 5 The Seance 2007 6 The Dead Room 2007 7 The Death Dealer 2008 8 Nightwalker 2009 9 Unhallowed Ground 2009

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