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[Heather Graham] ✓ Deadly Gift (Flynn Brothers, #3) [yuri PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ä Loved ItCould hardly put it down Try as I might, I could not figure out who dunnit Twists and turns till the very end.
I am kind of on the fence about this book On one hand it was a very good book On the other, as the end to a trilogy, I am not very impressed I would much rather it have been a stand alone book It didn t follow the same pattern as the two previous it went completely off the charts in its content So as a stand alone book, I really enjoyed it This book is about Zach Flynn, the youngest of the Flynn brothers He gets a phone call that a long time family friend has become deathly ill overseas Being the stand up guy that he is, he drops everything and heads off to Ireland to help Sean O Riley get back home to his family so he can recover in his own surroundings Once home he also needs to investigate the disappearance of Eddie Ray, Sean s business partner and lifelong friend Is Eddie s disappearance connected to Sean s sudden near fatal illness This book has a very colorful cast of characte Caer Is Spending This Christmas Among Strangers Brought To Newport, Rhode Island, From Her Native Ireland To Nurse Ailing Millionaire Sean O Riley, She S Living A Life Few Can Imagine But Money Can T Hide The Tension Between O Riley S Trophy Wife, His Paranoid Daughter, The Eccentric Aunt In The Attic And The Staff Members Who Run The House When O Riley S Business Partner Goes Missing, Family Friend Zach Flynn Arrives Determined To Help Him Solve The Case, Caer Becomes Enmeshed In A Mystery That Weaves Together The Sins Of The Past With One Family S Destiny And A Spirit That Watches The Mansion, Possessing A Deadly Gift Past Kindle deadline Was a great read Enjoy I really like this triology It has people with paranormal abilities It is a very fast and entertaining read This is the book I liked the least in the trilogy.
I loved the Irish mythology elements and the suspense was good but the story missed something Also, a reread by a good editor would have been welcome Pretty good supernatural book, with a romance slant The plot is not predictable Although the romance is.
Horrified to admit this one s a bitter disappointment.
A business partner goes missing before Sean and his trophy wife, Amanda, take a trip to Ireland Soon after landing, Sean becomes very ill and almost dies Sean s daughter, Kat, calls Zach Flynn and pleads with him to go to Ireland and bring her father back She s terrified and paranoid that, with Eddie missing, her father is next.
Caer has been guarding Sean in his hospital room, determined that noharm comes to him It s her mission to keep him alive But there s a mystery to Caer in all appearances, she s a nurse However, appearances aren t always what they seem.
Zach knows that something s off, but can t put a finger on what it is While his instincts tell him to that he can trust Caer, he doesn t understand why those same instincts are telling him that she isn t saying the entire truth of who she is either.
But as things

Great read with lots of twists and turns Hard to put down.
This was a good book how ever I do wish the author had doneto make itinteresting I look forward to readingof this author s work.

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