Trailer ✓ Deadly Harvest (Flynn Brothers, #2) PDF by Æ Heather Graham

Trailer ✓ Deadly Harvest (Flynn Brothers, #2) PDF by Æ Heather Graham This is book two of the Flynn Bother s trilogy This one takes place in Salem Massachusetts, and the legend of the Harvest Man The wife of Jeremy Flynn s ex police partner has gone missing and Jeremy heads to Salem to help find her Together him and Rowenna Cavanaugh set out to find the missing Mary, and find a body posed as a scarecrow I really enjoyed this one, the history and storytelling was great It had a lot of twists and turns and red herrings I actually thought I had the baddie figured out, and there turned out to be muchto it Overall loved it Another great read by this author.
The only reason it took me so long to finish it, is because I didn t have time to actually read a book lately When A Young Woman Is Found Dead In A Field, Dressed Up As A Scarecrow With A Slashed Grin And A Broken Neck, The Residents Of Salem, Massachusetts, Begin To Fear That The Infamous Harvest Man Is Than Just A Rumor But Out Of Town Cop Jeremy Flynn Doesn T Have Time For Ghost Stories He S In Town On Another Investigation, Looking For A Friend S Wife, Who Mysteriously Vanished In A Cemetery Complicating His Efforts Is Local Occult Expert Rowenna Cavanaugh, Who Launches Her Own Investigation, Convinced That A Horror From The Past Has Crept Into The Present And Is Seducing Women To Their Deaths Jeremy Uses Logic And Solid Police Work Rowenna Depends On Intuition But They Both Have The Same Goal To Stop The Abductions And Locate The Missing Women Before Rowenna Herself Falls Prey To The Harvest Man S Dark Seduction The heroine of this book, Rowenna, is described as a stunning woman Her hair was nearly pitch black, her eyes strikingly amber Amber, like gold, and shaded by ridiculously thick lashes She was both tall and slim, but curved in every place where a woman should have curves O RLY, Heather Graham Just this once, you couldn t skip the boobs and hips and make her tall, thin, gawky, and lanky If all of your book s heroines have bodies like this, why don t they make sensible career choices like oh, say, being MODELS I know that God has dealt me this extremely physically favorable genetic hand and that I could make millions and get to travel the globe but I think I m going to be a potter psychic matchmaker detective artist chef If you re as romance novel literate as I am and nimbly vaulted over the hurdle of Rowen Not the best Heather Graham I ve read, but still a good solid mystery I did like Rowenna and Jeremy, but I enjoyed the first book the best Glad to get out of New Orleans Salem can be very spooky, but the author doesn t mention the really horrible part the driving parking I refuse to believe they could get around so easily Especially at a holiday But authors do like poetic license.
A fun October read Perfect setting Salem at Halloween The spirit of the Harvest Man is killing young women in preparation for the big takeover by.
who else.
Satan himself Light and thoroughly enjoyable, if you like the subjects, which I do, especially in Halloween season Nothing too scary or gory, just good ol supernatural thrills with some romance thrown in I confess, though, that it did make me sentimental for the days of my youth spent in the exquisite New England foliage A legend myth brought to life by a madman Jeremy Flynn, a serious man who doesn t believe in what he can t see or touch, is a private investigator with his brothers firm The middle brother, he was once a police diver but quit when the last straw was when a drunk foster father drove the family into the river, drowning everyone inside Jeremy had rescued Billy, who had been still alive when found, but pronounced at the hospital DOA The foster children had all been tied in the back of the van not belted in, tied He quit, became a private investigator and began a children s charity for orphaned and abused children You will get a lot of that in Book 1, Deadly Night Rowenna Cavanaugh, good friend of Kendall Montgomery Book 1 now Aidan Flynn s wife, a bestselling author and world reknown speaker, is a complete opposite of Jeremy While he prefers cold hard facts, she prefers to disc Private Investigator Jeremy Flynn is contacted by his former partner, Brad Johnstone, when Brad s wife mysteriously disappears from a cemetery in Salem, MA When Jeremy arrives he finds Brad is a suspect in his wife s disappearance, and local resident Rowenna Cavanaugh believes someone may be impersonating the Harvest Man Soon Rowenna and Jeremy discover a body hung in a cornfield like a scarecrow, and they re afraid that Mary Johnstone may have been taken by the same killer.
This is the second book in the Flynn Brothers trilogy This story isof a mystery with romantic elements The mystery is interesting with several twists There were several suspects to choose from, but I did figure out part of the mystery My biggest problem with this book was the editing The heroine s last name changed in the middle of

Private investigator and ex cop Jeremy Flynn goes to Salem, Massachusetts, to help his former partner and friend, Brad, whose wife has mysteriously gone missing Brad and his wife were vacationing in Salem and visiting one of the historic cemeteries when she disappeared without a trace Also helping out is Rowenna Cavanaugh who is an acquaintance of Jeremy She doesn t consider herself a psychic, yet she sometimes feels and knows certain things that can t be explained, and she has proved useful in police investigations in the past When a body is discovered in a cornfield hung up like a scarecrow, it becomes a possibility that this crime may be connected to Jeremy s friend s missing wife This seems eerily like it could be the work of the legendary Harvest Man.
This was a wonderful romantic suspense book with a touch of paranormal The romance between Perfect read if you want to get in the Halloween mood The story is based in Salem Mass which made me want to travel there one day eventhan I already did to see where the Witchcraft Trials took place in This story has a mixture of legend folklore and ghosts of course cornfields which are creepy Why Hello do you remember Children of the Corn They live in those fields I didn t feel like I missed anything in not reading the other books in the trilogy Highly recommended for Halloween mood readers

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