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[Heather Graham] õ Deadly Night (Flynn Brothers, #1) [turkish-literature PDF] Read Online õ It was ok The second half of the book had me sitting on the edge of my seat, the drama was intense But the ending was too neat, wrapped up too easily, it felt like a formula book I liked the basic story , loved the New Orleans ghost story just not sure I enjoy this authors style enough to continue with the other two books Something was missing, I not sure what.
When Aidan Flynn and his two brothers inherit a mansion outside of New Orleans, they soon hear the stories about it being haunted Tarot card reader Kendall Montgomery fills them in on the legends of the old plantation house But when Aidan discovers a thigh bone from a human female, he starts looking into the possibility of a murder The authorities in town are not very concerned, believing the bone is a remnant from one of the victims of Hurricane Katrina But Aidan digs into some missing persons reports and finds a pattern of a serial killer.
This is the first book in Graham s Flynn Brothers Trilogy I like the setting in New Orleans and wanted to visit Bourbon Street The mystery was interesting and there were several suspects to pick from I did get bored with the heroine always believing someone was watching her or someone was following her I think it happened every time she walked down Another great read by Heather Graham This one takes place mostly at a haunted plantation that the Flynn brother s have inherited Both characters where likable, though it took me awhile to warm up completely to Aidan I still think the author should lay off the overly flowery sex scene descriptions.
The taste of her was intoxicating, the feel of her supple flesh writhing beneath him exquisite and damning I m not even sure what the heck that means Was she having a stroke Was she an evil demon lol I also noticed a mistake, at one point in the beginning we are told Aidan s wife has been dead 5 years, then later we are told it has been 3 years, not a big deal, but if I the reader caught it, then the editor should have.
Again this author does really good mysteries with lost of twists and turns and red herrings, and I was really surprised by the unmas i got this during an audible sale little did i know, Heather Graham writes paranormal romance well, if i had known that i wouldn t have got it this would ve been better without the romance but to be honest, the ghost story part wasn t that good either she had a great setting for the story but nah i doubt i ll be reading any Heather Graham, she just isn t my cup of tea.
Aidan Flynn and his two brother have inherited a southern plantation from an aunt they didn t even know existed There have been rumors that the house is haunted by a lady in white When Aidan visits the house he discovers a human thigh bone Aidan is a private investigator and wants to know where the bone came from Kendall Montgomery stayed with Aidan s aunt the last few weeks of her life She claimed to see ghosts at the end and that there was something evil on the grounds Kendall at first was skeptical, but now she us having strange experiences herself, that she can t explain She and Aidan work together to unravel the mysterious circumstances.
Deadly Night is the first book in the Flynn brother trilogy After reading the

5I was in the mood for a guilty pleasure read so I checked out a copy of Deadly Night Overall, I enjoyed this mysterious, paranormal romance set in New Orleans The Flynn Brothers have inherited an old plantation from their recently deceased aunt, Amelia, a woman they did not know existed until a lawyer reached out to them about the property One brother, Aidan, wants to be rid of the plantation, which is in need of some serious TLC, and get back to their P.
I business in Florida His younger brothers, Jeremy and Zach, toy with the idea of fixing the place up and selling it but then get the idea to restore the Flynn Plantation to its roots and turn it into a historical attraction, something to benefit th My Description This is about three brothers who inherit a haunted plantation house from an aunt in the Louisiana bayou.
With ghost tales a serial killer milling about, there are plenty of things to keep the Flynn brothers busy This is book 1 of 3 My Review I really enjoyed this haunting Halloween book At first, it was hard for me to get into, but once I did, I ran with it I was first disappointed there was a romantic aspect between the two main characters Only because it s October, I wanted a good horror novel The romance was only the back story, so it didn t really bother me The romance worked Heck, everything in this book works I d recommend this book anytime of the year, but especially now.
with it being October I m excited to read the rest of the Flynn brothers trilogyof Heather Graham s writing.
This book reminded me of something Karen Rose would write The story line is an almost even split between romance and tension and on the other side murder and mayhem.
I loved it The characters are well formed and grow well throughout the story The mystery and mayhem keeps you glued to the book and the result is nice and tidy.
I loved the setting and the author did an amazing job with world building I will definitely read the next book in this series and I suspect that this author now has a new fan.
WaAr Estoy indecisa con esta historia Por un lado no me ha encantado, pero tampoco me ha disgustado La parte rom ntica es seca y casi inexistente, plana en cuanto a emociones, pero la parte de misterio est bien s lo bien, ya que hay varios fallos que no s c mo la autora no se ha dado cuenta En cuanto a los di logos fr os, inexpresivos, y otra vez planos Y, aun as , extra amente as , leer los otros dos libros de esta serie.
The Flynn Brothers Have Inherited Than A New Orleans Plantation They Ve Inherited A Ghostly Presence And A Long Kept SecretAidan Flynn, A Private Investigator And Eldest Of The Flynn Brothers, Scoffs At The Haunted House Rumors Especially Since Kendall Montgomery, A Tarot Card Reader Who Has Been Living In The Mansion, Is The One To Tell Him The Tale Of A Woman In White But When He Finds A Human Bone On The Grounds And Another By The River, Aidan Delves Into The Dark History Of The Flynn PlantationForced Together To Uncover The Truth, Aidan And Kendall Realize That A Serial Killer Whose Victims Seem To Vanish Into Thin Air Has Long Been At Work And That Their Own Fates Are About To Be Sealed Forever Unless They Believe In The Unbelievable

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