↠´ Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #2) ì Download by ò Heather Graham

↠´ Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #2) ì Download by ò Heather Graham So.
That was me during mostof this book, the first 50 pages are completely about a set up for a Civil War reenactment which was my first problem, I am definitely NOT into the Civil War era but trucked through in realizing a lot of this set up would lend itself because this is a mystery murder book after all right It WILL get better, the first book was decent enough The book is just sooooo sloooow I was very very close to DNFing it several times but what was holding me through is that I am truly trying to be dedicated to a series read with a challenge group I am in, AND the NEXT book is based around Jack The Ripper and gets waypositive reviews then the first 2 books, so I told myselfstick it out In the first book the main characters were centered around Jackson and Angela who I actually very much loved BOTH of them were end Ok, I have now read two books in this series in hopes that Heather can pull it out of the world of Lost Plots But, no Ashley is such a TSTL heroine that I kept kinda wishing the villain would just shoot her At the beginning of the book she rushes into the old graveyard in her night gown to investigate what she thinks may be some teenage vandals Yep, that stupid Then there is Jake whose personality has completely changed since the first book Now he s in charge He and Jackson seem to have switched bodies I did like the ghosts and the villain, though.
Oh, Heather Grahamwhat have they done to you Did you sit in a meeting, after the success of the first book, in this series, and listen to some asshole in a suit tell you how to make your seriesmarketable Did he say,ghosts ghosts are in right now Did he say,romance romance is big Did he say, let s dumb it down a bit people are stupid If he did say those things, you seem to have taken them to heart because this book is an insult to the one that preceded it I gave that one 4 stars and couldn t wait to read this one And then this one was just soterrible.
Where to begin In book one, there are ghosts They talk They help the protagonists, but it s in a creepy, kind of vague way In this book, ghosts are characters They have scenes with live characters that go on endlessly and have full conversations with them These ghos

To be frank, I felt the ghosts in the story hadof a love connection than Jake and Angela did Really Angela blows Jake off 5 years ago because she can t deal with what he told her about her dad Now that she is having some dead people issues, she wants him back in her life Then once he is there she keeps blowing hot and cold with him Then after they have been in the muddy Mississippi looking for a weapon and Jake is trying to catch a shower Then you knock on the door still covered in stinky river mud and get upset because he doesn t take you up on your offer of a booty call Really I am going to give this series a hiatus, because although the first book really worked for me, this one really bombed To many good series out there to waste my time on iffy.
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5 hearts read It, Rate It and Record A short review to update challenges I was able to get Phantom Evil, the first book of this Krewe Of Hunters series from the Audible Romance package Heart of Evil was available with audio through Kindle Unlimited Both are set in New Orleans The first set up the world, this special FBI team and had the romance of the team leader, Jackson and Angela.
Heart of Evil is full of civil war reenactment action, an old plantation tourist site and of course, new murders to solve One of the team members Jake is from New Orleans and practically grew up with the granddaughter, Ashley who runs the old plantation with her grandfather, and staff So we also have a second chance romance for Jake and Ashley.
I always enjoy the mix of mystery with romance for the layers of plot He 4 Stars The second book in the Krewe Hunters series focuses on Jake Mallory who, along with his team, is called in to investigate a missing persons case causing him to be reunited with his soulmate, Ashley Donegal The case quickly turns to a murder investigation, seeped in Civil War history, and ghostly presences begin to entwine themselves within this haunting mystery Heather Graham provides a strong historical foundation within which she creates a twisting, turning who done it case with a supernatural twist I enjoyed this read and found myself attempting to solve the case not completely successful I might add following the clues both human and ghostly I am beginning to connectwith the characters and their abilities as well enjoying their interactions and developing relationships There were some grammatical p Heart of Evil is the second book in the Krewe of Hunters series and it is quite different to the first one Heart of Evil contains the same characters but this time it focuses on Jake While, I think that you don t have to read the first one in order to understand this one I would definitely recommend reading the first book, Phantom Evil before this one especially if you want to knowabout the characters backgrounds and things like that.
Heart of Evil is so good It is a murder mystery, with paranormal elements and it is so suspenseful In my mind these three things make a fantastic read The suspense was in all the right places too I d read on because I just had to know what was going to happen next and then just as I had started to lose my sense of suspense another event would happen that left me wanting to read on Emerging From The Bayou Like An Apparition, Donegal Plantation Is Known For Its Unsurpassed Dining, Captivating Atmosphere, Haunting Legends And Now A Corpse Swinging From The Marble Angel That Marks Its Cemetery S Most Majestic Vault A Corpse Discovered In Nearly The Same Situation As That Of Marshall Donegal, The Patriarch Killed In A Skirmish Just Before The Civil WarDesperate For Help Traditional Criminologists Could Never Provide, Plantation Heiress Ashley Donegal Turns To An Elite Team Of Paranormal Investigators Who Blend Hard Forensics With Rare Often Inexplicable Intuition Among The Krewe Of Hunters Is An Old Flame, Jake Mallory, A Gifted Musician With Talent Stretching Far Beyond The Realm Of The Physical, And A Few Dark Ghosts Of His OwnThe Evil The Team Unveils Has The Power To Shake The Plantation To Its Very Core Jake And Ashley Are Forced To Risk Everything To Unravel Secrets That Will Not Stay Buried Even In Death If you like the Civil War, the history of New Orleans, ghosts, and romance, then read Heart of Evil by Heather Graham I love history I enjoyed the book because of the history That is why I gave this book four stars This is book two of the series The books in the series do not have to be read in order My biggest problem with this book is that there are too many characters I understand that it is about a Civil War reenactment, but it would be better if the characters had names that were not so similar and fit their characters better I will read the rest of the series.
Compared to book one, I liked the story better in this book, but I liked the characters better in the first one The characters here came across as rather flat.
I also had an issue one of those must suspend disbelief kinds of things with the fact that Jake, who previously was pretty much just a musician that also apparently helped to find people unless I m mistaken on that aspect , now is a full fledged FBI agent that knows all about protocols, procedure and apparently the knowledge to give a behavioral analysis of bad guys It was all a little too pat for my liking Evenso when his apparent finding ability seems to have been forgotten It was also hugely coincidental that Ashley can also see and talk to ghosts.
Ashley s character was a tad on the annoying side and a bit flip floppy for my tastes I really didn t like her hypocritical at

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